感動と快適をあかりを通じ空間をデザイン・設計をする照明デザイン事務所です。私たちが取り組んでいる事は、知識・経験・技能を駆使した中で照明効果を生かしたデザインを通じて機能的で魅力的な照明環境を  創造し具体的にすることです。                                             屋外照明でも『シンボリックな存在感を創るライトアップ』 『人がたたずみ和む気持ちを掻き立てる』      屋内でも『照明効果と印象性を作る商業空間』 『居心地が良く快適で家に帰るのが楽しくなる』など

LovetheLightは、屋内外さまざまな環境に対してハード・ソフトを通じて アイデアと技術力で
『誰もがうれしくなるあかり』 『誰もがはしゃぎたくなるあかり』 『誰もがワクワクするあかり』の文化を作ることがLovetheLightの仕事です。

LOVETHELIGHT's  Work Efforts

We are a lighting design office that designs and designs spaces through lighting that inspires and comforts.                             What we are working on is design that makes use of lighting effects while making full use of knowledge, experience and skills. To create and embody a functional and attractive lighting environment through                                                                      Even for outdoor lighting, ``lighting that creates a symbolic presence'' and ``stimulates people's feelings of relaxation''Even indoors, ``commercial spaces that create lighting effects and impressions,'' and ``comfort and comfort that make it fun to go home.''  Light has a great impact on human psychology and physiology through lighting effects.         At LovetheLight, we offer ideas and technology through hardware and software for a variety of indoor and outdoor environments.  We will create a new lighting environment together with clients and architects.                                                          Love the Light's job is to create a culture of "light that makes everyone happy", "light that makes everyone excited" and "light that excites everyone".

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