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  • We forgot to mention it, but we have published all the awards we have received so far       in the "WORKS Contents" section.

  • (NEW 2023/10/30)

    ● We have posted our qualified invoice issuer registration number on our website. 

     (NEW 2023/10/30)

      ※ Our qualified invoice issuing business registration number is also displayed on the "Company Overview

            " page of this website.

    ● We have revised our Web consulting fees.(NEW 2023/09/08)

    ● It's been a while since I updated my blog.(NEW 2023/08/28)

     ※ Since I left my previous office, I haven't been able to move to my next office due to various circumstances, 

            so I haven't been able to update my YOUTUBE at all.

            I'd like to share information in a different way, rather than sticking to the original content. This may seem 

            sudden, but

    The CST Kyoritsu Building won the Outstanding Technology Award at the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan 2023 Lighting Facilities Award.

       ※ Once I receive the certificates and other awards, I will update this blog.

    ● I uploaded photos of the illuminated West Building of Nakashinmachi Yamate Redevelopment Project.

    (NEW 2023/08/28)

    Updated the ongoing projects(NEW 2023/08/28)

    ● Updated photos of the new construction of Izumi Chuo Building(NEW 2023/07/12)

    ● Updated the photos of Miyagi Tome City Agricultural Association Head Office (NEW 2023/06/24)

    ● Updated photos of café gutto

    ● cafe gutto This was covered on television and published on the Miyagi Prefecture website.

      → Blog

    ● Web照明コンサルティング            ( NEW ! 2023/04/04) → Go to Web lighting consulting

    We have provided a detailed explanation of our web lighting consulting service. →Prices have also been revised.。

    ● 照明デザイン・設計実績紹介 ( NEW! 2023/03/15 更新 )                           →  Go to Lighting design and design achievements

    New property posted

    ● ブログ更新しました(NEW! 2023/05/01) → Blog update

    ● Youtube channel【 LovetheLight channel 】開設(2022/11/02更新)


     →   Love the Lightチャンネル(@LovetheLight) 

    ● Web照明コンサルティングをはじめました。(2022/11/02 更新)


      クリック→ Web照明コンサルティング 

    ● 「デザイン・設計協力物件掲載」を更新しました。(2022/11/02 更新) 

      クリック→『 物件掲載 』

    ⑤  10年目を迎えホームページをリニューアルいたしました。(2023/01/18 更新)