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LovetheLight's Pride

" While facing the site, the actual thing, and the phenomenon, we focus 

on the process while focusing on 3D,

 mockups, and the actual thing, etc., to create a space that is understandable 

and satisfactory.  I'm going to take care of it. "

業種     Planning, design, design and design supervision related to lighting environment and products

                       ※ Includes energy-saving consulting related to general lighting


業務内容   ① Planning, design, design and design supervision related to lighting environment and products

       ②  Design related to original lighting fixture

       ③  Lighting consulting business

       ④  Energy saving consulting related to lighting environment

       ⑤  Lecturer/Writing

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       Qualified invoice issuer registration number :   T4810702593172

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We obtained this certification in October 2022.

 Name of firm  /   Love the Light   lighting design office

Representative /  HIROYUKI HASEGAWA

 Lighting Consultant(Birthplace:Fukushima Prefecture+Hokkaido)

1989-2011Year/ Koizumi Sangyo Co., Ltd. Lighting Division (now Koizumi Lighting)                             Product Development Department and Optical Fiber Section

(Product Development Department, Optical Fiber Section, Lighting Design and Planning Department:2004-2009 Concurrently Director )

2012Year  Love the Light Established

2023Year  Established11Year


1996Year   Ambient Lighting Design Honorable Mention、

1997Year   Ambient Lighting Design  Silver Award

2014Year   Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan, Lighting Popularization Award 

                    ( subject:Iris Aoba Building ) 

2015Year   Good Design Award (subjectChildren's Village Tohoku) 

2023Year     Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan Best Technology Award

External Staff / MEGUMI MUTOH

Lighting Designer(Birthplace: Fukushima Prefecture)

He gained experience in interior design and joined the company in 2015.

Obtained lighting technician certification in 2018.

Currently gaining experience mainly in retail and housing-related fields.

《 Office Overview 》

location: 206 Belsole Kinoshita 2-1-25 Kinoshita, Wakabayashi Ward, Sendai City,

                 Miyagi Prefecture

MOBILE/ 090 - 9245 - 1573   

FAX/ 022- 257 - 0880

e-mail/      lovethelight@sage.ocn.ne.jp

◎ STAFF / Lighting Design Staff 1名+Business Partners1名 

         Lighting design external partner 2 companies 

◎Partners /  Facility Design 2 companies  

                          Facility design 2 companies Electrical work 2 companies "

【 Lighting Planning Process 】

LovetheLight's lighting design and planning services maintain the quality of the project's lighting design and planning in each of the four stages from basic planning to design supervision.

Ⅰ:Basic plan

Site survey / initial meeting

Work content) 

Understanding the overview, requests and issues、

Location conditions, construction overview, lighting fixture budget

② Concept

Work content)

・ Lighting planning direction

・Lighting design direction,

・Image planning, 

・lighting production settings

・Illuminance settings

for each part

・lighting method settings

③ Color temperature and light distribution planning

Work content

・Specific lighting environment image

Illuminance planning, color temperature planning, light distribution planning

※Design fixture image

Ⅱ:Basic design

Lighting Design

Work content)

Deciding on the basic lighting distribution plan

(Light distribution/method /equipment, etc.)

Lighting fixtures, actual inspection, design illuminance confirmation,

Check lighting requirements

Daylight verification: Verification of illuminance and lighting effects by time of day

Work content) 

・Check the lighting effect at different

times of day

・Check the illuminance at different times of the day,

・Selection of time, dimming scene, etc.

・Lighting simulation verification

⑥ Verification of lighting effects using actual items

    Work content) 

・Verification of lighting effects at full scale, including architectural lighting

Ⅲ:Final design

⑦-1 Budget adjustment and implementation supervision

(Implementation according to budget/site conditions)

Work content)

Deciding on the implementation plan for lighting

(Light/method /distribution/equipment etc.)

Creating detailed drawings for lighting installation

(mainly architectural lighting)

⑦-a Lighting fixture production drawing

Creation of design drawings including prototype bespoke fixtures

*Depending on the content

Work content

Equipment specification drawing creation

Checking the lighting effect using a mockup

Equipment manufacturing

⑦-b Electrical system diagram

Creating an electric lighting system diagram related to the lighting scene system diagram

Depending on the content

Work content

・Switch circuit diagram creation

・Lighting circuit diagram creation

Switch circuit diagram creation

Lighting circuit diagram creation

IV:Design Supervision

※We will respond to your request.

Lighting effect experiment/lighting

fit check

On-site coordination and attendance regarding lighting effects

Work content) 

Attending installation of lighting fixtures and after installation, and checking the fitting of lighting during installation

⑨ Lighting Adjustment

Adjust and check lighting effects

Work content)

 Focusing adjustment etc.

Confirmation of lighting effects, 

documentation of drawings, etc.